Designer chair PANTON S by Romatti

$ 230

The designer chair Panton S by Romatti is designed according to the anatomical features of the human body. The laconic and rather unusual design of the Panton does not diminish the seating comfort at all. Special additives prevent paint fading under ultraviolet rays, so Panton can be used even outdoors. Panton does not have any special stiffeners supporting the seat and this is the ingenious secret of the design, both the back and the seat are incredibly strong and can withstand quite a lot of weight. The S-shaped monolithic shape of Panton has won the hearts of many people, making this chair a true icon of furniture design.

Key Features
Style | Modern
Material | Polypropylene
Armrests | No

Height | 85 (cm)
Width | 49 (cm)
Depth | 60 (cm)
Seat height | 44 (cm)

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