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Returns & Refunds

Return policy
Return and exchange of goods is possible within 14 days after receipt of the goods by the buyer.
The return shipment of goods is carried out by agreement.
Return Policy for Good Quality Products:
1. Products with an identified case of factory liquidation, or good quality products, that for some reason does not fit, should be returned / exchanged within 14 days.
2. Products must be in the original package and in the form in which it was transferred to the buyer, including stickers, technical supporting documentation (instructions, descriptions, product passport), etc., included in the sales package of the product.
3. Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps are not eligible for a refund and exchange.
4. Lamps and luminaires with signs of installation, any damage to the enclosure, incl. chips and scratches are not refundable.
5. The seller is not responsible for products damaged as a result of transportation, except for cases of transportation by their own courier service.
6. The cost of transporting products for return or exchange and technical expertise have to be borne by the buyer.
7.  Custom furniture cannot be exchanged or returned.