ROMATTI is a creative studio completely different from countless dull mass market copies and pretentious tawdry.
This is where you’ll find what you’ve been looking for: conceptual decor, lamps and furniture that will enhance your living space, making it integral, complete and unique. The goal of ROMATTI team is to create stylish, comfortable and functional interiors, which is why our products are not only aesthetic, but also reliable and durable. ROMATTI produces and sells exclusive designer furniture and lamps since 2003. During these years, we have attracted many prominent clients, including large bar and restaurant chains and reputable companies.

Every product offered in the catalogue has obtained legal and quality certificates. Our exclusive products completely satisfy customers’ requests.

Why you should order in ROMATTI?

We offer best prices on the market for high-quality exclusive lamps and furniture. We deliver orders around the world as fast as possible. We diversify our product list every week. Before your order, you may request live photos of the product. We manufacture exclusive custom lamps and furniture. With more than 6000 products in our catalogue, you are guaranteed to find the perfect item for your project. Yes, there exists stylish, practical and unique furniture, and you can find it in ROMATTI! 

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